There are numerous medical aids in our country, each with a multitude of options or plans of how you would like to structure your medical insurance. As a client of the medical aid you then choose a plan best suited for your needs. You will probably base your decision on the monthly premium, but more importantly you should base the decision on your health and the probability of you receiving major surgery in the near future.

It is important to note that each and every medical aid pays anaesthesiologists according to their own unique tariff. The tariff charged by anaesthesiologists and the tariff paid by your medical aid will more often than not differ. The consequence of this tariff difference is a co-payment which you will be liable for. This co-payment is over and above the contribution already made by your medical aid towards your anaesthetic account. The choice of medical aid and the option or plan you have chosen play a very important role in the possibility and extent of a co-payment.

Your anaesthetic account is rendered totally independent of the hospital and surgeon’s account!

In order for us to render the anaesthetic service to you, you will conclude a contract with us, whereby you will personally be liable for all fees due to us. We conclude the contract with you and not your medical aid, even though we submit the account to your medical aid on your behalf.

Should you want to request a formal quotation or estimate for the anaesthetic during an upcoming procedure, you can do so by completing our quotation request form. It is important to note that all the fields are mandatory in order for us to respond via email, fax or telephone.